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Lending Effective Aid Via Enduring Support Tax ID 20-5197829


LEAVES stands for Lending Effective Aid Via Enduring Support; this is the standard we strive to uphold in all that we do; our top priority is ensuring the aid we offer is both effective and lasting. We are an IRS registered non-profit Military support organization that not only renders the simple kind of practical love that families would usually give their sons if they were close at hand, but also an opportunity for Marines to bond together and strengthen each other as brothers.

We started this process by maintaining a family home from which we can reach out to the Marines at Camp Pendleton. But our commitment to our Heroes spreads beyond rides, homemade meals and a place to relax, out to their families back home, into the many small personal crisis of young adulthood; it follows them to war and back home again. That is the job of LEAVES "Aunts" and local volunteers. This kind of family style support allows young servicemembers to grow not only into squared away Marines but into honorable men prepared for all the challenges of life.