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Lee Sisters Foundation

Lee Sisters is an organization dedicated to creating brighter futures for children who live in extreme poverty in Africa. We work to provide these children with basic care and education. Help us help them. Tax ID 81-2339188


GARDEN OF HOPE Lee Sisters Foundation invites you to help a child in need by donating to Garden of Hope. In doing so, you will help to build a home for an orphaned child in Kenya. 

NO MORE HUNGER Currently, orphan children bounce from guardian to guardian or live in the streets. Garden of Hope will ensure that orphans have a safe, stable home, a warm bed and no longer go to sleep hungry. 

PROVIDE EDUCATION The orphanage built by Garden of Hope will be in conjunction with a local Kenyan school, ensuring the children also receive an education. 

EVERY DOLLAR HELPS $1 per day supports all the needs of an orphan child (shelter, food, education, & medical).