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Lee's Tyler Foundation - 2014 Boston Marathon Run

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Dedicated to helping improve the quality of life for families affected by epilepsy, the Tyler Foundation was first established in 2006 by Erik and Heather Plotkin in honor of their son Tyler who was diagnosed with epilepsy at three weeks old. Seizures were a result of a brain malformation. Born with epilepsy, having over 20 grand-mal seizures a day, he underwent brain surgery at 15 months old. On October 19, 2005, he had a complete anatomical right hemispherectomy (they removed the right half of his brain) at Children's Hospital Boston.

Today, the Tyler Foundation works together to serve families whose children are undergoing treatment for epilepsy at Children's Hospital Boston and UMass Memorial Children's Medical Center.

How the Tyler Foundation helps families:
- Providing financial assistance for the purchase of therapeutic equipment used in the treatment of children suffering from the delayed development caused by the brain malformation and seizures - items such as bathseats, seizure monitors, and other items not covered or paid for by insurance.
- Purchasing ketogenetic diet supplies including scales and required books.
- Bridging the gap for fixed expenses including electricity bills, rent, and car insurance.




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