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CROWDRISE : Oct 27, 2010
Tax ID: 14-1880905
BASED: Charlotte, NC, United States



Our Mission

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This is the clear and straightforward mission of Samaritan’s Feet as nearly 300,000,000 people go without shoes each day… and not by choice, and nearly 1,000,000 die each year as a result of foot-borne illnesses that may be preventable by simple protection – shoes.
This stark reality is not just confined to third-world countries or remote parts of the globe. This is also reality for children in advanced nations, including the United States. As well, many children are wearing shoes that are 2 -3 sizes to small for the growing feet and regardless of the circumstances of economic and political issues, or simple geography, these children don’t have a choice. We do.
Since 2003, Samaritan’s Feet and our team of global ambassadors have demonstrated an act of servant-leadership and humility by washing the feet of an estimated 3,500,000 people in over 62 nations around the world. Just as important, we have taken this profound opportunity to share a message of hope and shined a light on the beauty of the human spirit of each of these people.
Lives have been truly changed through these simple acts of human kindness. In many parts of the world children cannot attend school if they don’t have shoes. Kids are wading through garbage and human waste to trek for water. Some are ashamed of their plight because of the holes in their shoes. We don’t have to look far to find the toll of the wages of poverty and despair.
However, through our Shoes of Hope distributions that take place around the world countries have settled civil disputes and initiated social reconciliation programs. Children are now attending school for the first time, relief is being provided to war torn and disaster ridden nations. And children are jumping for joy as someone share their love for them and providing for a basic need.


Tax ID: 14-1880905 •


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