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legalize marijuana

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Is to suport and legalize marijuana. Medical research and studies have proven and suppported this.

Medical Benefits of Marijuana: prevent enzyme called acetylcholinesterase from accelerating in Alzheimer's. Epilepsy used in treatment of seizures. MS help ease pain and spasticity in arms and legs. Glaucoma reduce and relieve te intraocular pressure that causes optic nerve damage. Arthritis lessens pain, reduces inflammation improved sleep. anxiety relaxes w/o prescription med side effects. Theraputic effects consist of tx of nausea, depression, decreased appetite, muscle aches, extreme fatigue.

 Cannabis is a truly magnificent medicine/recreational pastime! Cannabis has been a huge part of the human race's existence since the begining of time! People have been lied to for way too long! It is truly a very harmless plant that God gave us for a reason. We should enjoy this plant together and love one another! Rid this earth of the poison we call liquor, beer, and wine! Alcoholism is such a nasty disease! Smoke and love life!!!
please sent $2 to 1243 Broadway Watervelliet ny 12189 joint the cuss



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