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Lemonade Detroit

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October 20, 2010

I'm a fan. Check it out: #LemonadeDetroit http://bit.ly/akODiu  See more


Kevin Jablonski


Datelineʼs "America Now: City of Heartbreak and
Hope" didnʼt do Detroit any favors. Far from balanced,
there was much more heartbreak than hope. Bad news
is sensational. It rates. And it also has a way of feeding
on itself. As tails wag dogs, so do news reports create
their own truths. People have a way of internalizing
what they hear. What we take in, we act out.
Thankfully, the same can be said for good news. A new film called
“Lemonade: Detroit” is about the resolve of a city that no longer can
rely on a single industry for its livelihood. Detroit is actively reinventing
itself around the entrepreneurial strengths of those who choose to
stay, as well as those who choose to come because of its immense
opportunity. This film will focus its lens on whatʼs going right.
Letʼs start tipping the scales in favor of optimism. Letʼs tell the world
about Torya Blanchard, who opened two crepe restaurants in the
heart of the city. Or hear about Detroitʼs commitment to re-inventing
the automobile industry and keeping jobs. Letʼs hear dozens of
business owners, entrepreneurs, pioneers, and industry leaders talk
about how Detroit is their land of opportunity. And how they would
never go to another city.
Instead of sensationalizing whatʼs wrong, Lemonade: Detroit will
sensationalize hope.



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