McGee Schafer

McGee Schafer
McGee Schafer
Bethel, CT United States
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McGee has been staying at Seer Farms in Sayreville, NJ since just after Superstorm Sandy destroyed our home. He and his brothers and sisters are well cared for there, but he'd rather be home with us here on Staten Island. 

Please help Laura Pople and her staff to continue to help our family and others like ours to get through these exceptionally trying times by providing shelter and comfort for all our fur families. 


Lenny & Cheryl Schafer

Is your dog Sparky your best friend? Does your cat Oreo sleep on your head? Does your mother watch  television flanked by her two dogs? Does your daughter ♥ her bunny? You are not alone. 62% of American households count companion animals among their family members. 
Right now the vast majority of these pets are well loved, cared for, and are either at home with their families or waiting patiently for their families to return home to them from work or school. Some small percentage of these animals, however, have families who have encountered a life crisis and cannot care for their pets right now.
Seer Farms' mission is to give pet-owning families that are in crisis time to reach safety and stability by temporarily caring for their animals until the families and animals can reunite.
Perhaps a fire destroyed the family home.   Or the owner is facing an extended hospital stay. Maybe the family has lost their home to a natural disaster. Or they have been deployed by the military overseas. Families in these circumstances also have well loved and cared-for family pets, however these families just need some time to restore their lives so that they can resume their animals' care.
The Seer Farms "Paw it Forward" campaign offers all those well-loved companion animals who are still with their families the opportunity to raise money for the pets of famliies in crisis who need the services and care that Seer Farms offers.  
Seer Farms' has saved hundreds of animals from certain euthanasia. The family pets who are placed temporarily with us are clearly loved by their families, but many of them would not be good candidates for re-homing if they were surrendered to an animal shelter. They are older, scared because of the circumstances their family finds itself in, and at times struggling nutritionally and medically. Seer Farms gives these animals a temporary home and stabilizes their health as much as possible. They are safe with us.
Former Seer Farms' client Margaret O'Connor explains why Seer Farms is so unique and essential. “ In January 2013  I was about to undergo back surgery.  I was getting everything in order.  A caretaker for my Mom who lives with me was my greatest concern.  I had that covered.  My second greatest concern was who I could get to watch my two Shih Tzus, Leo and Mopsy.  I couldn’t afford to board them for two months!  What to do? We found out that Seer Farms helps people who were in my exact situation.  My prayers were answered. The weekend before I was to go into the hospital, we dropped Leo and Mopsy off, a tearful experience.  The good thing was I knew I’d be returning to pick them up as soon as I was able to care for them again.  I couldn’t wait to get them back.  The house was so quiet without them.  They bring such happiness to Mom and me. I can’t thank Seer Farms enough for their help with my dogs.  I was at ease knowing they were with people who truly love the animals in their care.  I don’t know what I would have done without them!!  They are angels!”
Seer Farms relies on your donations to continue our work. Every day more families like Margaret's are turning to Seer Farms to help them care for their animals temporarily. Currently, 350 animals are in our care, and many more are awaiting openings in our facilities.
When you register your dog "Sparky", or your cat "Oreo", for "Paw it Forward", you let them raise awareness (and much needed funds) for Seer Farms.  Your animals enjoy their family's love.  They want to use this fundraiser to make sure every pet continues to enjoy its family's love as well.   Let your dog, or your cat, your bunny or your hamster "Paw it Forward" today. 



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