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Leopardess Climb for Giants

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ORGANIZER: Leopardess

Karen Molkentin


Leopardess Foundation wrote -

Every day 100 African elephants are killed for their ivory; if the slaughter continues at this rate they will be extinct in our lifetime, quite possibly within the next 5-10 years.

Space for Giants is working to stop that from happening and we want to help.

The Leopardess Foundation ( is going to tackle Climb for Giants. We are sending a team to ascend Mt. Kenya to reach Point Lanana near the Gregory and Lewis glaciers over 5 days in September. At an altitude of 16,355 feet, breathing will be a challenge in itself. However, Sam, Kyra, Nicole, Alexandra, and Tamara are willing to take up this fight: by hiking we can contribute critical funds to support Space for Giants. We are asking you to fight too.

Every dollar you donate will go directly to helping the rangers that protect the elephants. You will help realize Space for Giants's long-term goal of creating wildlife sanctuaries where elephants will be safe forever.

Here are some ways that you can join the battle to save this iconic keystone species:

• $15: a month's worth of vital communication costs for one community wildlife scout;

• $50: support for a wildlife ranger for a week to protect elephants in northern Kenya;

• $75: a pack that will save the life of a wildlife ranger when injured protecting elephants;

• $115: training of a law enforcement officer on law and the criminal trial process, which increases the chance of successful prosecutions and higher fines for wildlife crimes;

• $300: secure two acres of elephant sanctuary, in northern Kenya, (goal is 60,000 acres);

• $775: a complete anti-poaching training package for one wildlife ranger, consisting of Security Patrols, First Aid, Fitness, Wildlife Monitoring & Firearms Handling;

• $1550: an individual GPS tracking device for one elephant so SFG knows where to invest their anti-poaching efforts.

The Team: $2,255 TOTAL RAISED SO FAR

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Leopardess Foundation

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42% Raised of $5,000 Goal

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Karen Molkentin

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