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CROWDRISE : Sep 15, 2010
Tax ID: 30-0240622
BASED: Rye, NH, United States



Our Mission

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Since our inception, Next Generation Choices Foundation has been working to raise awareness about lifestyle options and environmental exposures that have been linked with harming the environment and human health.

Every day the news is inundated with stories telling readers about environmentally influenced illnesses including an escalation in asthma, obesity, and diabetes to name a few. Last year in the United States alone there was an estimated 11 million missed school days due to Asthma.

Fortunately we have great technology and resources that have proven to be helpful in finding cures. However, little is being done in the area of prevention.

Next Generation Choices Foundation has been an effective leader in creating a shift toward prevention in protecting health and the environment.


As an organization we have raised awareness for individuals and global communities by providing information that has both the potential and proven ability to create a shift in thinking. Contact work on the ground and communications and awareness efforts through the internet have both provided information to countless users.

We have reached a variety of communities (including yours) and provided a host of diverse and creative messages filled with information based on evidenced based science.

We have accomplished this through the following methods:

Collaboration with Non-Government Organizations

Collaboration with Health Effected Communities to include Schools and Hospitals

Providing Information Based on Evidenced Based Science

Educating Law Makers

Presence in the Media Producing Internet Articles and Blogs

Video and the Movie Healthy Town Detroit

Expansion on the Less Cancer Campaign with Healthy Town

While our work is making a difference, the demands on Next Generation Choices Foundation continue to increase.

Our Facebook community, for example, communicates with over 12 thousand people in over 20 countries. Their involvement is an example of the need there is in the world for quality information and resources.

We are seeking funding to expand our resources so that the people who most need this information will have the opportunity to be part of creative and life changing programs that can forever impact the quality and length of their lives. Internet resources, videos, DVD’s, and written media are a few of the modes we can use – but they each require creative genius and expert resources.

Tax ID: 30-0240622 •


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