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Leteisa-Ewing's Sarcoma



I was helping my fiancé & his family move in July 2011, I had picked up a couch with a bed in it 2 throw it to the curb after that my right arm started hurting but I thought nothing of it. I let a week go by before I went to the hospital for pain & was diagnosed with tendonitis & was given antibiotics.

I took the weeks worth of meds. & continued to start school in the fall & doing volunteer work, still continuing to attend therapy for my bulging discs & arthritis in my back in which lead me to give up my job in September 2010 shortly after giving birth to my son. While I was continuing to do the things I loved & things to help benefit me I noticed a little knot growing on my shoulder and never thought much of it just noticed it was very warm & red.

Months passed & finally my therapist told me I should contact my doctor to get it looked at. I did & she told me that she thought it was a bursa & gave me a weeks worth of antibiotics, took them & returned when they were done she gave me more antibiotics & told me when I returned she would give me a steroid shot to take the swelling down.

I never made it to the next appointment it had been 4 days and I could no longer mobilize my right arm. My step father then told me to go to another hospital to get it checked out I still thought it would go away that it was nothing, but I told him I would go & from that day forward not knowing it would change my life forever. I got denied at quite a few places for medical card reasons, that I was too old, & because certain places didn't deal with my kind of cancer.

My tumor had grew on my back about the size of a softball & on top of my shoulder as big as a golf ball & was growing rapidly, but it didn't stop my step dad from calling everywhere he could to try & get someone to take me in. My biopsy even sat on a desk for about a moth at 1 place before even being looked at before diagnosing me with a misdiagnose & telling me I wasn't going to be accepted.

That is when Barnes Jewish Hospital came along, they've been a wonderful help to me & even lead me here to your website for more help. Its hard, I am done now have a appointment for port removal if the findings are positive next month. I have undergone chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, & just about any emotion you can ever imagine as a patient undergoing cancer its not easy & now I am suffering from the part of being done.

I lack energy to do anything any more I'm not able to work or participate physically in school, it seems like the struggles are coming even harder to cope with today & all I can think about at the age of 24 is the life I wish I had for my 2yr. old son.



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