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LETS Educational Foundation is saving kids today from tomorrow by ERASING the stigma of mental illness!  We’re a charity for children and a positive force for early education and prevention that saves kids today from tomorrow’s issues: issues like bullying, teen suicide, eating disorders, depression, cutting and self-harm, substance abuse, and the fear of talking to adults about things that matter.  Ignoring these topics due to fear of stigma isn’t helpful, but LETS can help!

How do we make a difference?  We erase the silencing stigma of mental illness by opening up conversations with young people.  Let’s talk today, again tomorrow, and even more later.  Let’s talk every day!  After all, mental illness isn’t embarrassing or spooky, but an ongoing health concern.  We can help children, teens, and young adults right now—before crisis and while they can still unlearn the stigma!—so that tomorrow looks better for everyone

Our Mission: Let's Erase the Stigma Educational Foundation (LETS) is a nonprofit, 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to erasing the stigma of mental illness by funding and developing educational programs, mentoring opportunities, and research possibilities designed to empower youth to change the perception of mental illness.