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Let’s help people threatened by poverty!

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Maria Federer


Hi everyone! I’m Maria and my dream is to set up a social supermarket in Romania. If you don’t know anything about social supermarkets, please let me tell you how it works : • first of all, it’s a non-guvernamental public organization (an Association), selling products in its own stores at symbolic prices to low-income clients. These products (damaged packaging or close to their expiry dates) are donated by retailers, producers, wholesalers. Since the products are donated, the clients will pay only the salaries of the staff&minimal cost coverage; • we’ll collect various products such as food, clothing, etc from various companies and sells them at symbolic price (80%-90% discount), in order to become self-sufficient, covering only the salaries of the personal, utilities, rent; • the social supermarkets will be for members only, limited to those who can prove their receive some form of welfare benefits. In this way, members can save up to 80%-90% on food, that has been rejected by grocers, because it might be mislabeled have damaged packaging or be nearing an expiration date.That food is still edible, instead of getting thrown away; • the target is restricted to financially poor people and access to stores is controlled with the help of identification cards, that are issued upon the presentation of an income statement In order to help clients to cut down their bills, the social supermarkets can organize classes on budgeting, cooking, etc, taking into account that 70% of the Romania’s rural population are living below the poverty line, according to the World Bank. More than half of all children (51%) under 18 are at risk of poverty. With the money we collect from your generous donations, we will be able to pay the bills for : 1) the creation of an Association: 300 euro; 2) rents (and accessories) of the local properties (the head office of the Association, the social supermarket, the depot with coolers or freezers): min.50-60 euro x 100 mp x 12 months = 6000-7200 euro / local property x 2 local property = min. 12000-14400 euro / 12 months; 3) the renovation of the local properties: min.7000-8000 euro; 4) appropriate software (for management, cash, inventory, etc): min.1000-1200 euro; 5) staff: 1 manager (to ensure continuity of activity and coordination of work of volunteers), 1 driver, 1 accountant = min.1000 euro / month 6) working capital: min.6 months of operating expenses : 14.400 euro / month (pls see point 2 above) x6 months = 86400 + 6000 euro eurox6mois (pls see point 5 above) = 92400 euro Total = 130000 euro We would like to thank you in advance, no matter what amount you are able to donate. We are forever grateful for your kind words&support. From the very bottom of our heart, thank all very much! Thank you for your time&support and have a wonderful life! Maria



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Maria is working on selecting a charity so you can support Let’s help people threatened by poverty!.