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Lets save the Earth !!!

Organized by: Sudheendra Reddy

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Lets save the Earth !!!!
October 19, 2016

Hi friends ! We need to think of our childrens future. To make that a real good place to live we need to save the earth and make it a haven for See More


Lets save the Earth !!! Our earth is sick and lots of animals and plants are in danger of becoming extinct. The world is being destroyed day by day because of global warming. What is “global warming” and how does it happen? Global warming refers to the rising in average temperature of the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. In the last 100 years, the Earth’s average surface temperature has increased rapidly. Warming of the climate system is real, and scientists are more than 90% sure that most of it is caused by increasing emission of greenhouse gases produced by human activities such as deforestation and burning fossil fuel. “Global warming” basically means that the earth in which we live, is getting hotter and hotter. Is it a bad thing or a good thing? Of course it is a bad thing. It is because we use oil and coal which produce bad gases that our atmosphere gets unclean. Also, smoke from factories and cars pollutes the atmosphere and the temperature of earth gets hotter andhotter. Global warming causes many disasters. For example, when the temperature rises the South and the North Pole’s ice melt. This causes the polar bears and the penguins to lose their homes and many of them die because of hunger. Global warming is bad for us too. It can cause skin disease, floods, drought and lack of water. It is really a serious problem for us. Human lifestyle is damaging our earth and many animal and plant species are now extinct. Soon, probably people are going to destroy themselves as well! Did you know we could destroy ourselves without knowing it? So we have to try to save our earth by taking good care of our environment. Although it may seem difficult to save earth directly because we need lots of money and time, there’s a way that we can stop global warming in our daily life. Yes, you and I can do something little to protect our earth. For example, if we just use less electricity and don’t drive cars often, I think we can stop global warming. How about riding bikes instead of driving cars? How about eating less meat and more vegetables? How about brushing our teeth using a cup of water instead of running water? How about planting more trees? How about using recyclable resources? Dear friends, we can help stop global warming if we live right, eat right and act right. The time to save the earth is now, not tomorrow because tomorrow may never come! Please, let’s save the earth!


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Sudheendra Reddy

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