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Let's Build a Home

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I went to the Dominican Republic this year, on a family holiday with my 2 boys, my brother and sister in law.

We took out one of our vacation days; laying around the gorgeous resort and went to visit the people who run the Samaritan Foundation. We brought school supplies and visited a school that was built from nothing, and then went into two of the villages created by fundraising.

I was… well it was life changing.

And I was inspired.
And I knew I wanted IN.

This unreal charity raises money to build homes, schools, medical centres, vocational schools, churches and entire villages. The work is carried out by both local employees and by volunteers from around the world.

The Samaritan Foundation has a small administrative staff in the Dominican Republic, but they are able to keep their administrative overhead at less than 4%. They rely on donations to provide for the construction of the buildings and villages.
This year, they are building a new village with 300 homes, called Samaritan.
75 homes have already been sponsored.
Homes are given to underprivileged families that presently live in shantytowns, or are homeless. Most poor families struggle with the basics of life, and food is scarce for most.
The cost of a home is $4800 US, $5000.00 Cdn.

These are real families. Real people.
And they need help.
Let's help.

I was THERE. I met these people, I shared smiles and candy and hugs.
I watched the kids play with a big wheel with no front tire.
I watched my son give up his own lunch to feed a scrawny dog laying on doorstep.
I watched proud homeowners (1 bedroom homes) water their flowers and sweep their doorsteps.
I watched them smile at my kids, and at each other.

ANY amount - from a dollar to… well ANY amount would be amazing.
Let's freaking build a house!!!!!
Let's change someone's life… because, well we CAN.



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