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Let's Create a Bill for Tattooed Worker's Rights!!!

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In a day and age where there's soo much going on MORE important than whether or not a person has tattoos, I think it's interesting (read *disenheartening*) that so many people, employers, etc...still have so much prejudice against those of us that are tattooed. Whether it be the little tramp stamp you got "just cause" or if you have a full body suit, let's get real...people discriminate. This is particularly rampant in the job marketplace.

If two people with similar qualifications go up for the same job, and only one has tattoos, changes are (and trends show) that the virgin skin wins every time. There currently is no law, bill, or legislations of ANY kinds to prevent this kind of discrimination.

While I understand an employer's trepidation with blatantly gang related tattoos, 99% of us discriminated against are not nor have ever been gang assocaiated. And even for those of us with jobs (myself included), we are "required by policy" to cover up. This seems unjust. The reasons given to ME personally were that the tattoos are for younger crowds and may make older generations uncomfortable. Yet I see no efforts made to have other people that are say...morbidly obese, or overtly religious or whatever, "cover up" who they are.

For the tattooed community, its not about ink and needles (well on a basic level, sure, but thats not what I'm aiming at). It's an outward extension of our inner selves, it's an artistic replresentation of a feeling, event, person, place, etc that was relevant to US. It doesnt need to make sense to the world, just us. It is US. So forcing worker's to cover that up in a sense is saying, "Hide part of who you are so as to not cause other's discomfort", while at the same time, untattooed workers can flaunt parts of themselves that clearly make others uncomfortable. (eg - fat people in tube tops, or people with bibles and crosses hanging all over the office that preach about EVERYTHING to EVERYONE) Not to knock religion by any means at all- but not EVERYONE is a fan (or wants to hear about it daily and how others think you should live a more Godly life) . I'm just sayin' - you shove who YOU are down our throats daily, but expect us to cover up because of some antiquated ideal of what the tattooed community may or may not have been 50-60 yrs ago.

Time for change? I think so... :)



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