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EVENT: ASICS LA Marathon 2013

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LETS started as a small group with a big mission: to erase the stigma of mental illness. We've all experienced it in some way. A grandmother with Alzheimer's. A cousin with depression. A younger brother with autism. Or even you. We see it, but many of us don't know how to help. With the way mental illness has been portrayed in popular culture (think: Psycho, Silence of the Lambs), it's easy to see why people fear mental illness. The social stigma against mental illness is so pervasive that even those suffering from it are afraid to talk about it. But silence does not make the problem disappear! The members of LETS spotted this problem and began to make change.

By connecting with school boards, health organizations, community centers, and educational facilities, our LETS team is reaching across the nation with a simple message: kids can make a difference. Kids can be the ones who erase stigma! By reaching out to children, adolescents, and young adults in their schools and communities, our goal is to educate as early as possible to erase stigma with generations to come. Mental illness is not something to fear, and if we listen to youth they will tell us just that. Our mission at LETS is to empower youth to educate each other and communities about mental illness, provide access to resources for those who need it, and connect kids with others who care. Whether you're a kid in middle or elementary school, an older student with a young heart, LETS can help you erase the stigma.

The youth of Generation LETS, from middle school through college, are recreating ideas of mental illness and letting everyone know that they're ready to talk about mental health like any other health need. We want mental illness to become welcome dialogue in everyday conversations. We want to find solutions to connecting everyone with supportive resources and knowledge. We want mental illness to matter to everyone, so that when someone has a problem their friends don't rush away, but rush to help. We know that youth can help. We know that YOU can help! Let's try something new. Let's make things happen. Let's erase the stigma. Let's!



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