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Lets Kick Ass Aids Survivor Syndrome

An international grassroots movement of HIV Long-Term Survivors empowering those living longest with HIV to thrive. Tax ID 46-5082959


Since 2013, Let’s Kick ASS is empowering HIV Long-Term Survivors to thrive. We focus on needs and issues affecting our lives now and building a future worthy of our epic journey. We do it by spotlighting the lived experiences of HLTS, and to provide a safe space online and in communities for survivors connect and mobilize.

We are focused on increasing visibility and Healthy Aging with HIV because a generation of HIV Long-Term survivors, unfettered in their advocacy and leadership by significant societal stigma, economic hardship and personal loss over the last four decades, shouldn’t have to keep fighting to have their changing needs met as they age.  Why does it feel like older adults with HIV are being pushed aside in the drive to “End HIV”?

Founded by, for and about HIV Long-Term Survivors (HLTS), we are California 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation empowering HLTS to thrive. Based in San Francisco, we have thriving chapters in Palm Springs, California; Portland and Eugene, Oregon; Austin, Texas and are starting chapters in several other cities. We are largest organization devoted to a forgotten cohort. EIN: 46-5082959