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Renee Wagner's Fundraiser:

Let's Rise to Raise - Yoga Fundraiser in the Park for Pacific Cancer Fitness

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Renee Wagner


Receiving a cancer diagnosis shakes you to your core. Even a person that prides themselves on grit and an ability to persevere might find themselves sitting on a mountain pleading for their life. In the blink of an eye your entire world changes. As you sit in front of your doctor you become numb with disbelief. Your senses begin to shut down as your mind tries to protect you from the harsh reality your body and spirit are about to endure. In 2015 my life was forever changed as I experienced the nightmare that is cancer first hand. Fortunately I had a support system that had been through this and provided the best advice: 1. practice positive self talk - the body listens to the mind 2. practice cell talk - push the body physically to tell it to regenerate and repair 3. have a purpose to get out of bed greater than yourself When I shared this advice with my yogi friends they all said I needed to give yoga a chance as it would fulfill all three areas in just one hour a day. After several sessions, the healing process of yoga began to take root within me. My mind, spirit, body, and sense of self began to flourish and nothing was going to take me down. Yoga is restorative on so many levels to someone undergoing the harshness of cancer treatment. It should be available to anyone who needs it. Someone that is already burdened with medical bills should not have to worry about how they will pay for a hour of peace in their life. That's why Pacific Cancer Fitness is so important to our community.



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