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EVENT DATE: May 01, 2014

Felipe Silva


This project can be summarized into building a climbing gym in the coal-mining town of Lupeni, Romania where persons, but especially needy youth, can climb all year long and experience healthy recreation. The project will work toward being self-sustaining and potentially profitable. 

However, there is more to it. The reason why we want to move forward with this project is because kids in the Jiu Valley do not have many healthy activities to do throughout the year besides going to school. Most parents are unemployed or live off pensions, not being able to offer extra educational activities to their kids. Therefore, because of this situation many kids resort to stealing and begging for money, or they are forced by their parents to do so. Developing this project would create an environment so kids could learn how to climb and spend time with the staff, who would be trained to be a good influence on the kids. Climbing is a good tool to develop character, leadership, and trust, which are lacking in post-communist communities. Also, the project has the intention to provide job opportunities and leadership training, and to work towards being self-sustainable and even a source of income generation for the other youth programs of New Horizons Foundation.

But why Climbing?
·Climbing fosters goal-building, mental focus, and a spirit of trust.
·Climbing requires an excellent combination of strength (especially upper body), flexibility, and problem solving skills.
·Boys and girls, men and woman can all climb together – without compromising their individual level of challenge. It is truly an activity that can be developed and refined easily throughout one’s life. 
·Climbing is a non-violent sport that requires focus and drive. 
·Different sized people can climb together – the size discrepancy is not an issue. 
·Not equipment intensive, and does not require the organization associated with playing team sports. 
·A simple challenge with few complex rules. 
·Improves self-esteem. 
·Offers a safe environment to develop responsibility while belaying and spotting others. 
·Great for kids who shy away from team sports. 
·Provides an exciting opportunity for after-school programs. 
·Climbing on artificial walls develops the same skills that are used for climbing outdoors, and therefore has an open-ended opportunity to learn new skills.
·Climbing is a life-long, very social activity - with lots of opportunity and reasons to communicate and support others around you.

Bellow are the objectives we want to achieve with our project
• Provide healthy and educational activities for kids in the impoverished Jiu Valley
• Provide youth employment and leadership training
• Reconciliation between Romanians, Roma people, and others
• Be part of kids development and growth through adventure learning
• Use the gym to bring development to the area outdoor wise

Bellow are some of the activities we will do once we build the gym
• Have a climbing gym for people to use it
• Have a program to teach kids how to climb
• Prepare kids to do outdoor climbing
• Use the wall for IMPACT groups
• Invite professional climbers to meet and encourage the kids
• Have climbing competitions



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