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Lisa is a dear friend.During the many years I have known her, she has shown me what true selflessness is all about. She has had many obstacles in her life, and has managed to overcome all of them, on her own, until now.Let me let you know why I think she is such a special person who deserves your help.
Having a troubled youth, she lived on her own since she was 14. She had a job and apartment at that tender age .When she was 24 her mother died at 42. Leaving behind 5 younger siblings which she was left to help raise with a few , shall we say,rather unreliable fathers. Although being forced to quit school at 14, she not only managed to self-educate herself but miraculously got her G.E.D. She was able to find the tools, on her own, to start college.Sadly, after 2 1/2 years she was unable to finish. However, after moving from back east to California (not knowing a living soul), she made good life for herself. She broke into the entertainment field with no resume or contacts.She used just sheer ingenuity and HUTS-PAH! She even taught herself to buy and flip houses in the then lucrative real estate market of the late eighties. With the monies she made from that, she was able to further help the siblings she left behind.After an unscrupulous real estate company defrauded her, she lost all the ground she gained. Then what did she do? She picked herself up, dusted herself off, and started again! That is what she has always done.She never felt bad for herself. She was only concerned that she wasn't able to keep helping others.
Skip ahead a couple of decades.Lisa continued to work in the entertainment field. Most notably in media management for the EMMY S. That is about the time she found a new love of animals, especially doggies,and not only rescued several of her own, but fostered many. Around 2000, she began a long-term relationship, that was happy for many years. Around that time she developed many health problems such as spinal steno-sis (due to a car accident), and then the devastating blow of a diagnosis of M.S.. Due to her health she was forced for the first time since 14 to stop working.
Soon after her illnesses began, her partner began to change. He had become sullen, abusive verbally and physically, and developed a substance abuse problem.Actually several substances.She now, sadly, was at his mercy. And it wasn't pretty.Until a couple of years ago, she acted as many domestic abuse victims do, and hid it from everyone out of shame.She began to isolate herself and fell deeper into the abyss.The strain and abuse only acted to make her physical condition worse.
Once matters got to the tipping point, she finally reached out to me and I helped to remove her from the nightmare her situation had become. When I and a couple of friends went back with her to remove her things from their home, we had found that he had emptied out the entire home! Including the car they had shared.As a final good-bye, he had thrown bleach on most of her clothes! I own a home and after living on her own for a bit, and quickly going through the money she had squirreled away (especially since she didn't have health insurance anymore), I insisted that she and her 3 rescue dogs move in with me. It was tough convincing her since she won't take what she considers a 'hand-out". I convinced her she needed to save what little funds she had until she could somehow save up enough money for a new place and a cheap second-hand car.
The newest blow comes from the fact that I am relocating out of state and can no longer help with her housing. I am a retired school teacher and would help her out more financially if I could. However I lost all of my 401k in the crash. So I am living on a shoe-string myself. The task of finding a new place with 3 dogs,at 58, and no steady income or health insurance is just about impossible for her She possibly could find a small place on her own.However she refuses to give up her dogs!. Although I continue to try and give her "pep-talks". Hence that is why I am turning to Crowd Rise.
But on June 7th of this year she suffered a shattering blow both mentally and financially.Her beautiful 6yr. old Bernese Mountain dog died unexpectedly.Bubba was the healthiest most loving dog anyone could of ever seen.For a month it seemed like he just had an ear infection. When he got worse the vet said he had Vestibular Disease.But within a couple of weeks time he got steadily worse. He needed to be hospitalized when he appeared to have a stroke on June 4th. She quickly was going through her savings in an attempt to save the dog she loved so much.That dog was her heart. But after only two days she had to put him to sleep.She spent her last funds to cremate him and bring him home.She has been in a kind of terrible funk I have never seen before. After all she has been through, losing Bubba seemed to really crush her in a way that is gut-wrenching to see.
She has had a couple of good turn of events. She has finally started on OBAMA-CARE! Now she can get the medical help she so desperately needs. That is outside of an emergency room that is.lol With the help of her new doctors, she should be able to start disability insurance in a few months.Once she is self sufficient again and can concentrate on other things then mere grief, housing and survival, she has a great idea for a new kind of dog leash. The thought of her having to not be viable and live off of government help is repugnant to her very being.
I have not told Lisa that I am reaching out to the public for two reasons. First, it may not be successful. Secondly, and most importantly really, I think she might hit me with her cane! lol She is that proud. I have written what I think is a realistic figure that could cover her housing,health,food, animal care, (and she really needs clothes!),needs for the next 6 months on a tight budget. That is as tight in California as I can get it.I also allotted about 3k for a second hand car. Cause as the old song goes, "NOBODY WALKS IN L.A.". Especially when you can barely walk. SERIOUSLY!
I am including pictures of only myself and her two remaining dogs, for security reasons.We have had to be very careful as to the privacy of her whereabouts. Due to the fact her ex-partner continues to try and find her.
Lastly, I know times are tough for many people now. And I know there are many worthy people out there.But this is the one I know and love. This the the one who has given more to people and animals all her life then anyone I have had the privilege to know. If you could help in any way, I am sure good Karma (sorry I AM a Californian, lol ), will shine upon you. \Sincerely, Delores



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