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Adrian Emmanuel via Crowdrise
December 16, 2010

Our talks don’t help much - if we don’t share. Let’s Contribute. Let’s Help. Let Share.  See more


Adrian Emmanuel



The National Statistics Office reports that three (3) Filipinos are born every minute in our country. One early morning, a friend of mine becomes a part of this daily statistics. She gave birth to a baby boy at the Philippine Children’s Hospital in Quezon City Ward section.

Being born in a hospital’s ward section is typical and normal - with the report that 4.7 million families are poor – this is 1 for every 4 Families.

The story is just starting.

Among the hundreds born that day - a young boy named “Adrian Emmanuel” came out to be with several serious ailments.

He was born with an imperforate anus.(No Anus) Further evaluation revealed that he has a congenital heart defect called Tetralogy of Fallot , a right-sided heart and pulmonary sequestration (Lung Condition)-circumstances all requiring surgeries.

Everyone was sad, Family members were down hearted. Everyone was dismayed, all was miserable, each was shock. Everyone is depressed. We all cried.

Here we are, expecting a healthy, simple, baby born in a WARD SECTION – to be in such condition.

SORROWFUL is NOT even a word we can use at this point of time.

It then started.

Everyone wanted the baby to live, to have a chance in life, to grow normally, to smile and to have an opportunity to live.

We shared. Any amount-One hundred pesos. Old baby’s clothes, used strollers and anything that will help.

We believe that our focus should concentrate on helping right there and then with RELEVANCE and the funds we shared were maximized for the cause because it was given to directly.

A young boy being born in this way? What will do right here and now? What can poor people achieve?

We contribute to the bills, we gave for the immediate needs and to the emotional support of each other. We prayed and we SHARED.

Let us be reminded that this people are poor but together they shared to have the intentions to bring a smile and a opportunity to live to a child.

As always said, we Filipinos are always skill full, creative and innovative– we oftentimes lack opportunity. But we did a small part, we shared.

The problem is not done yet. “Adrian Emmanuel” still needs his operations. Some of our friends still shares. A part of my income every payday is intended to Share. One friend even promised $2 per week. We all share small amount and it’s not the amount – it’s the willingness to share.

With all that had happened made us inspired. We are encouraged with one another. We are moved - that if we can do something together – we can change lives.


We believe in PROJECT SHARE. We believe that Project Share is a Belief system that you need not to be rich just to share.

We believe PROJECT SHARE is a Creed. It’s a statement of belief that once we share – we lessen the poor in the society.

We believe PROJECT SHARE is a dictum. It is a pronouncement that we together whom we call ourselves as friends will share with one another in good as well as in bad times.

We believe PROJECT SHARE is a basic philosophy. It’s a belief system where we you must share. Its as simple as that.

We believe PROJECT SHARE is Truism. We believe that we need not to push people – to convince them hard to simply share. We know that people don’t need big stimulation – hearing the idea of PROJECT SHARE itself is the inspiration.

Let us start the movement - PROJECT SHARE. This is the inspiration. Share. Together we can change lives.

And we had simplified it - One Person to SHARE P100 ONE HUNDRED PESOS for One Year.

With the intentions to further Support a child for primary school, to provide decent food daily and give an opportunity for a better life.
Our talks don’t help much - if we don’t share.

“Adrian Emmanuel story” is just one story. The fact remains his bad condition remains.

SHARE. Together we can change lives.

Is it to difficult for us to contribute, to help and to Share?



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