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lets share the love for the holidays

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this foundation has weighed heavy on my heart for over a year now since I saw a story on Nova about the good they are doing helping "woman" repairing child brides that were forced to have babies before their bodies could sustain the damage it can cause without access to a midwife. These girls are in constant pain and outcast for their severe incontinence. This is a unpleasant thing to think or talk about but an even worse thing to live through. As the Holidays approach and we think about what we need or want to give, I am reminded how fortunate and content I am. Please when you think of me or my families needs I hope you are directed to our plea to funnel that love and money who need it more. I hope to raise $450 to give one woman the surgery she needs to live a pain and emotional distress free life and know they deserve love - even from strangers across the world. Thank you



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