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Let's turn Merry's streak of bad luck around

Organized by: Merry Zavala

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Merry has been dealing with a streak of bad luck for three years. Her company where she worked was bought out and she got fired. The month after getting fired she found out she had kidney failure 2nd stage. Dr. refused to release her to work and she ran out of unemployment. She filed for disability and was turned down numerous times. She lost her apartment and most of her belongings. A friend offered to let her stay in her empty trailer in a park but the night before she was to move in she got the call that the management strictly forbid subleasing. Merry couldn't stay at her old apartment, they already rented it out. She ended up living in a old house turned into apartments that was a fire trap and barely habitable. With everything going wrong her clinical depression kicked in and she missed her disability appeal deadline. She had to start all over again and got turned down 3 more times. She hired an attorney only to find out they were dishonest. They had misrepresented themselves and all the "benefits" Merry would get if she signed up with them. When she found out it was too late for her to have a plan B so she lost pretty much the rest of her belongings so she could pay the rent. She went through all three unemployment extensions and had no savings. It was getting obvious that if something good didn't happen she would be homeless again. Right in the middle of all of this her car broke down. She lived in a little town on the coast and none of the mechanics knew how to work on Volvo's so she had to have it towed to a bigger city 80 miles away. It was some sort of computer problem and required $2500 to fix. She had to borrow the money from her mother. The day after she drove it back home it stopped in the middle of traffic and wouldn't start again. Thinking the mechanics hadn't done their job she called to complain only to find out that they had documented on her paperwork that her alternator was weak. She again had to beg for money to get a new alternator. She finally found a place to live in a little town about 60 miles from where she lived. She had barely moved into the new apartment when she got a flyer telling her that there would be a craft fair in the town she left. Merry had taken up jewelry making to keep her mind off of all the bad things happening. So she decided to go and set up a booth. She is a diabetic and she had been working at getting it all set up when her sugars plumented and she had to get sugar into her system immediately. She took care of that with some candy bars and then went about finishing setting up the booth. Knowing that she had a long drive ahead of her she knew she needed to get food into her system so she stopped at Burger King and ate her meal in the parking lot so she wouldn't be eating and driving. When she pulled out of the Burger King parking lot she felt find, no sign of low blood sugar so the proceeded to go home. About 15 miles into her return trip home she passed out and her car went off the road at about 70 mph and hit and broke a telephone pole, however that didn't even stop the car, it finally stopped in some mud. Merry was just coming to when a passerby stopped to help. Her car that she just poured over $3000 in to get it fixed was totaled. By the grace of God she was alive and walked away with a skinned up knee and lower back pain. She was taken to the hospital and had to have 5 morphine shots for her to deal with the pain. While she was still in the ER and in pain the state police came to interview her. She told him the truth and that prompted the officer to write out a $530 ticket and gave it to her while she was still on the gurney. The county that she had the wreck in decided that they weren't going to leave her case in traffic court but they decided to file charges against her in criminal court. The charges were criminal mischief II and reckless driving. Her insurance company paid for the replacement of the pole so they dropped the criminal mischief charges. The reckless driving charge stuck and the trial is still pending because they keep pushing it aside for other more important cases. She was told that she had to be booked because it was a criminal case so she had to show up at the sheriff's office and have a mug shot and finger prints. She was really sick from her diabetes and after the booking her sister took her to the local ER and they wanted to admit her immediately. That wasn't feasible since that would mean her sister had to find a motel so with a promise to go directly home to the ER in her home town she was released. Her sister took her to the ER and they had to have her doctor approve the visit or they wouldn't get paid. So by the time they went to the doctor and got back to the ER Merry was so sick they didn't think she was going to make it. They took one look at her legs and sent her right into isolation because they were sure she had MRSA. Thankfully she didn't but she was in the hospital for 3 days and most of that time she had no clue what was going on and slept a lot. Her sister was quite worried about her. She was finally released and went back to her apartment hoping that the worst was over. It wasn't much after she got home her limbs started jerking on her. Her legs would jerk so badly she kept falling because it came on suddenly. The same with her arms, she never knew when they would jerk and couldn't do much of anything while they were jerking. By this time Merry has 3 regular doctors and she asked every one of them what caused the jerking and none of them knew. She ended up in a wheelchair for a month and as quickly as it came on it stopped enough so she could use a walker to get around. She now uses a cane. The jerking happens still but not as bad as the first time. She also has problems with her fingers moving by themselves and again none of the doctors have a clue why. She wasn't home long before she had the chills and her whole body was jerking and cold and she had to be rushed again to the ER. When she was released she was trying to tell her friend who had picked her up about the ER visit and when she tried to talk she stuttered really bad. She never stuttered in her life. It was so bad you couldn't understand her and again no one knew why she would develop a stutter. That lasted about 3 months and eventually the only time she stuttered was when she got upset. Two more times to the emergency room because her legs were retaining water and creating water boils and when they popped they would itch and Merry ended up scratching the skin off of her legs because her skin was really thin and she couldn't even wear a band aid they ended up infected. Another trip to the Urgent Care because she wasn't feeling well and her mouth hurt and she couldn't eat or swallow. Well it so happens that because she was in the hospital and on antibiotics the whole time, she developed Thrush in her mouth. Very painful and took a long time to go away. After having the thrush she lost all ability to taste food. The doctor at the urgent care was reading her chart when she walked in the room and the first words out of the doctor's mouth were: "You're a train wreck". Merry had so many things wrong with her that two of her doctors became leery of treating her for fear they would do something that would make her sicker. And Social Security kept turning her down because she wasn't sick enough yet. Merry is constantly dealing with one medical problem after another and also trying to deal with having to give her dog to the shelter because he was getting old and missing his potty pad which was ruining the floors. Her depression was the worst she has ever had and it is going on 8 months with no let up. Finally the doctors listened to her and agreed to change her medications. However, as of this writing they haven't done so. While she was trying to walk again and get strong enough to go outside she developed a pain in her lower back. The doctors think it is arthritis, her fingers hurt all the time and that is also arthritis. She hasn't been able to sleep in her bed for 2 years because every time she lays down she gets an excruciating pain in her shoulder. Again no idea what caused it. So for 2 years she has been sleeping in her recliner. It is hard for her to get in and out of so we are hoping to raise enough money to get her a recliner where the seat tilts up and forward to help her get out. And if all of her medical problems weren't enough to deal with, her car that she got to replace the one that was totaled kept having flat tires. She had to borrow money again to get a complete set of tires. She had to have a tow truck come and replace her bad tire for her. After the tire the battery went dead. She again had to borrow money to get a new battery. Her last doctor appointment with her kidney doctor wasn't good news. She is now in 5th stage kidney failure which is the last stage before dialysis. She has to go have her arm slit open to be able to give her dialysis but the doctors don't think it will be healed in time and might need to have needles stuck in her throat to get the dialysis. I am sure I have missed a problem or two that has beset her. But these are the high lights. Her oldest sister died from diabetes at the age of 47 and Merry's kidney doctor told her that she would die the same way. Merry has become a recluse because she can't deal with the heat, she can barely walk some days and she is in constant pain of some kind. She doesn't complain so no one really knows just how much pain she is in. She is tired of just staying at home so she is trying to get enough money to start up a store on line to sell her jewelry. Therefore, the money that we could raise for her would go to paying off her doctor bills, getting her a bariatric wheelchair, and enough to not have to worry about rent money until her disability is approved. She would also use any left over money to put into her new website she is developing to sell her jewelry. All of this and more has happened to Merry since May 2012 until now. How she remains sane is anybody's guess. And her depression is still dragging her down. Please help her have a better life and let's see if we can stop the string of bad luck that she is having.


Organized by

Merry Zavala

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