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Fame Neal's Fundraiser:

LEZ|CRO|NYMZ: Tees for Lesbians. Tees for Women. Tees for New Beginnings.

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Fame Neal


 Hi! I’m the owner and creator of LEZ|CRO|NYMZ, a Philadelphia-based, Lesbian-Owned T-Shirt Company. I have a background in Psychology and Non-Profit Program Development for youth and adults. Additionally, I managed an online sales based business for fashion merchandise. For the last year I have made it my mission to put together a Team of Lesbian Professionals to contribute to a clever and colorful project aimed at disintegrating Lesbian and Gay Stereotypes by utilizing Screen-Printed T-Shirts.   You may ask yourself, “How can T-Shirts make a difference for LGBTQ Youth?” Well, let me break it down for you:

  • Fashion speaks louder than words. LGBTQ Youth are at a higher risk for significant emotional distress and suicidal tendencies. This in turn can lead to suicide attempts, homelessness, and further mental disorders. LGBTQ Youth need SUPPORT, EMPOWERMENT, and to know that they are NOT ALONE. By wearing our threads you tell a Youth who may be struggling with their gender identity and/or sexuality that they are part of a COLORFUL, AMAZING and PROUD community.
  • Buy a Tee, Support LGBTQ Youth. The City of Brotherly (and Sisterly) Love is the home of some amazing organizations dedicated to advancing the progression of the LGBTQ Community such as the Attic Youth Center, William Way Community Center, Equality Pennsylvania, and The COLOURS Organization---to name a few. Every T-Shirt Sold will generate a $1.00 donation (That’s 7% of anticipated revenue to be exact!) which will be awarded to a preselected non-profit community organization on a quarterly basis.
  • Our Tees fight STEREOTYPES and PROMOTE DIVERSITY in the LGBTQ Community. Unfortunately, STEREOTYPES, PREJUDICE, and discrimination rear their ugly heads in the LGBTQ Communities too.Our Tees represent all women, all genders, all interests, and do so with a witty, nonsensical, and humorous approach. No matter what you’re into we have a LEZ|CRO|NYMZ for you!

The Bottom Line. 

What we need is to generate enough capital through donations and small business grants in order to purchase the fabric, ink, Screen-Printing Equipment, and promotional materials we need to put our Tees into production. Our goal is to raise $10,000.00 in preparation of Philadelphia Outfest 2017, where we will promote our Tees and Launch our online store. Every donor will be entered into a drawing to win three LEZ|CRO|NYMZ tees of their choice. HOWEVER, when you donate to LGBTQ Youth EVERYONE WINS.


Why we  WILL Succeed.

My team is comprised of a colorful array of professionals including graphic designers, web developers, social media campaign organizers, an accountant, and entrepreneurs who have had repeated successes within their respective industries. We have already had an amazing response from the Philadelphia Gay Community in regard to sponsoring and supporting the LEZ|CRO|NYMZ Mission. With a little cash and a little Pro-bono we have the resources to make this company excel.

If you LOVE the LEZ|CRO|NYMZ Mission but can’t donate right now, there are other ways to support us:

  • Share our Indiegogo Campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, or just simply tell your friends about us! You can even email our link to those who aren’t on social media. 
  • Reach out to your local LGBT Organizations to help raise funds for us! Maybe you can’t personally donate but you’re skilled at team-building or fundraising. You can email us at:  to have promotional tools sent directly to your email!
  • Be a listening ear to a struggling youth. Donate your time to your local LGBT organizations. They need all the support they can get!

The LEZ|CRO|NYMZ Team would like to thank you for your interest in and continued support of our Mission.




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Fame is working on selecting a charity so you can support LEZ|CRO|NYMZ: Tees for Lesbians. Tees for Women. Tees for New Beginnings. .