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LGA~Schechter: Teach Your Children Well

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At LGA~Schechter children receive an education that not only emphasizes inquiry, critical thinking, creativity and synthesis, but also the importance of ethical behavior. Our students graduate with a deep sense of identity, a clear moral compass and the ability to examine complex questions. We believe that, just as it is important to nurture a love of science, math, literature, social studies, the arts and Israel, so too must we teach children to be good stewards of the Earth, to work for social justice and to engage in acts of loving kindness. Tikkun olam – repairing the world -- is a Jewish value that is nurtured at all times in all grades. Lander Grinspoon Academy:  we teach our children well. 

Avi Chai will match every dollar you give for this campaign, up to $10,000. We hope that you will consider our school worthy of your support at a level listed below:

  • $18:  Elijah's Cup -- Elijah is associated with wonders and miracles, and we traditionally fill a cup of wine at the Seder table for him. Looking for modern day miracles? Our school encourages students to wonder, and provides the miracle of learning each and every day. Please support our educational and creative programs.
  • $36:  Miriam’s Cup -- Miriam is one of many strong women in our tradition and modern Seder tables include a Miriam’s Cup to highlight her role in the Exodus and to honor the contributions of women to our culture. Please support our commitment to egalitarianism.
  • $54:  Orange -- An orange on the Seder plate? This reminds us that Jewish practice is always evolving, and that all people have a legitimate place in Jewish life. Please support our commitment to diversity.
  • $72:  Seder -- Seder means “order” and refers to the specific set of information that must be discussed in a specific order during the Seder.  Please support our math and science curriculum.
  • $108:  Matzah -- At LGA~Schechter our students partner with the Amherst and Northampton Survival Centers, Manna, Rachel’s Table, The Food Bank of Western Massachusetts and other organizations that work for food justice. Please support our social justice activities.
  • $180:  Hagaddah -- Our tradition invites us to engage with text as dialogue. The Haggadah connects our past to our future, and new interpretations allow us to evolve as a people. Please support our language arts and writing programs.
  • $360:  Charoset -- Charoset is meant to remind us of the mortar which the Israelite slaves used in their building in Egypt. But its sweetness reminds us of our coming together as a free people, bound by a common heritage and built upon shared experiences. Please support our communal programs and help us to continue to build community through our school.



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