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Meg Hixon

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Meg Hixon
Grand Rapids, MI United States
Stuff About Me:
Meg Hixon: Librarian. Nerd. Hero.

If you believe the witty URL, you already know about 90% of what you need to. The other 10%:

Librarian: I'm a second year student at the University of Michigan's School of Information, graduate majoring in Vast Repositories of Things and How We Make Them Available to People, As Well As a Bit of Why We Would Want To (see also: Library and Information Services & Archives and Records Management). This means that I am a softspoken, timid individual who keeps mostly to myself and enjoys wearing pleated skirts and telling people to simmer down, or it would if Melvil Dewey had anything to say about it. The truth is that I am rather more spirited than that and it is because I have a passion for all things interesting that I am entering The Field. There is so much information out there, and I find it incredibly exciting to bring that information to people, to open worlds heretofore unknown and develop a richer sense of, well, life. All of it. I am passionate about acquiring and sharing knowledge, opinions, and the sundry intriguing parts of life.

Nerd: I experience nerdery in various and sundry things. You may expect an aspiring librarian to love books, and you'd be correct. You may ask what I read, and I will inevitably answer, "Everything," and mean it. I'm admittedly not up on my Fabio-adorned Harlequins but find me a good one and I'll give it a go. I've been told often that I am crazy, which I consider to be a great asset because, really, who wants life to be boring? If it's "crazy" to think video games belong in libraries and archives, to think librarians should be anything but stuffy, or to honestly think it possible to bring as much information to as many people as possible, count me firmly in the crazy camp.

If it can be nerdy to love sports, well, full disclosure: I love the Michigan Wolverines in all athletic incarnations, I believe this year is the year for the Cubs, and I think Indiana Hoosiers basketball will be restored to its former glory. See also: Crazy.

Hero: Okay, I'm not really much of a hero, but I think it adds a nice punch, eh?



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