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La Cacica Cimarrona Education & Publishing Inc

Al servicio de la Diáspora Africana en Borikén Tax ID 66-0841466


Loíza community faces daily challlenges of institutional racism and lack of access to proper schooling, nutrition and basic developmental needs. Through the revamping and remodeling of a dwelling located at the heart of Loíza's eminently negro community, we intend to promote the study of African dinasties and related histories prior to the Slave Treaty.  Librería Loíza is a social enterprise concept that includes an academic and cultural agenda.  Private mail, family portraits, photocopy services, gallery, community museum, bookstore, meeting rooms, and more.  

Since September 2016 the nonprofit corporation acquired these abandoned premises. The first we removed 18 pallets of rubble. The journey to just change the personality of the dwelling is to say the least overwhelming. With scarcely no personnel, other than your occassional friendly neighbor, which are indeed greatly appreciated, the rehabilitation process is close to running dry, yet remains high in hopes.  Electricity certification is currently underway, as well as plumbing. 

A business plan is available upon request (in Spanish). For more information write to, visit, donations also via