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Life After Brain Injury

Life After Brain Injury provides Independent Living-based support for brain injury survivors who want to be more capable, resourceful and resilient. We motivate survivors to pursue a fuller, more independent life that is neither limited nor defined by brain injury. Tax ID 27-2275974


Life After Brain Injury envisions a world in which people with brain injuries have all the services, supports and opportunities they need to lead meaningful lives
and be fully included in the community.

  • We believe that every person has inherent value and worth, and deserves equality, dignity and respect.
  • We value the Independent Living philosophy of consumer choice, self-determination, equal opportunity, and full inclusion in the community.
  • We are consumer-driven and consumer-led.
  • Our consumers evaluate and inform our goals, programs, services and activities.
  • They develop a vision for our organization's future and we all work together to achieve it.

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