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Lifebox Challenge

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A pulse oximeter is the most important monitoring tool in modern anaesthesia practice. It is a non-invasive medical device that checks the level of oxygen in a patient’s bloodstream and sounds an alarm as soon as it detects the slightest unsafe change.

They are a vital piece of hospital equipment, which remains worryingly scarce in low-resource countries.

Today, over 77,000 operating rooms worldwide have to make do without pulse oximeters to monitor patients. This means tens of thousands of lives are lost every year: without adequate monitoring, a routine operation can be fatal.

The number of operating theatres working without pulse oximetry ranges from 41% in Latin America, to 49% in south Asia, to 70% in Sub-Saharan Africa. Meanwhile the number of surgical procedures is on the rise

That is why we have developed Lifebox, a major international initiative to combat the global pulse oximetry gap. By providing low-cost, robust oximeters and pulse oximetry education we can give anaesthesia providers the tools and training they need to make surgery safer.

The American Society of Anesthesiologists has decided to make Central America its focus for Lifebox. The California Society Anesthesiology Board recently agreed to "adopt" Nicaragua as our focus. The pulse oximeter need is 96 pulse oximeters which would cost $24,000. The CSA Board agreed to provide half of this over 2 years i.e. $6,000 per year, as a matching grant so that the membership needs to come up with $6,000 per year to put an oximeter in every OR in Nicaragua.

We are asking for donations from anyone who can contribute in order to meet this goal.



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UCSF is working on selecting a charity so you can support Lifebox Challenge.