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Augie’s Quest has funded several successful ALS research projects that have accelerated the development of therapeutics in this disease. Foremost among these is the partnership between MDA’s Augie’s Quest and the ALS Therapy Development Institute (ALS TDI).   Thanks to the funds donated by public support of Augie’s Quest (over $23.1 million to date, matched by ALS TDI for a total investment of more than $46 million), scientists at ALS TDI have screened more than 100 molecules to see if they affect the progression of ALS.  

They have 22 ongoing projects targeting highly relevant and newly identified aspects of this disease. ALS TDI also recently reached an agreement with two major global pharmaceutical companies — Biogen Idec and UCB — to jointly investigate a potential treatment for ALS. ALS TDI’s CEO and Chief Scientific Officer Steve Perrin is working to bring this and other potential treatments for ALS to clinical trials as quickly as possible.  

In addition, MDA’s Augie’s Quest also funded a research project with the Translational Genomics Research Institute in 2006, and donated the seed money for the MDA/ALS Center at UC Irvine in 2007.


How are MDA and Augie’s Quest connected?  

MDA’s ALS Division is the world leader among voluntary agencies in fighting ALS, offering the most comprehensive range of services, including a national network of clinics. MDA has dedicated more than $290 million to ALS research and services. MDA’s Augie’s Quest is solely dedicated to funding ALS research. Augie’s Quest has raised more than $30 million in less than seven years, and 100 percent of all donations to MDA’s Augie’s Quest go directly to research.


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