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Lift A Village

Lift A Village
CROWDRISE : Oct 30, 2016
Tax ID: 46-1403741
BASED: Houston, TX, United States


Lift A Village

Educate Girls In Africa

Raising money so children in Sierra Leone, W. Africa can have access to education. Funds will provide uniform, backpacks, school supplies, and shoes to underprivileged students.

It all began with one woman’s passion to transform lives through education, as she was once on the other side of the fence. See, our founder was born in Sierra Leone, West Africa and attended school up until the 5th grade. As a child, she encountered many struggles in school. Her mother was a local businesswoman who sold bananas at the street market and battled to afford her daughter’s education. She also had firsthand experience attending a school that was in desperate need of improvement. The inspiration behind Lift a Village transcends giving to a continent in need, our inspiration unites with a deeper personal story of our founder’s mother’s experience as an illiterate who never stepped foot in a classroom simply because no one gave her the opportunity. Ms. Koroma states “I founded Lift a Village to give children in African villages a chance to dream, hope, and explore through education; a chance that wasn’t given to my mother.” 

Tax ID: 46-1403741 •


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