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Lift Field Hockey Inc

The mission of LIFT Field Hockey is to build leadership, sportsmanship, fitness, and confidence in young girls through development of teamwork and field hockey skills. Tax ID 47-2068877


What is LIFT Field Hockey? 

LIFT FH is an opportunity for K5-12th grade girls to play field hockey year-round in a friendly and focused atmosphere. Lauren Bailey and Morgan Oldenburg founded LIFT on the belief that everyone who wants to play should be able to come and have fun, feel a part of a team, learn sportsmanship and teamwork, and grow as a player as well as an individual.

Why “LIFT”? 

Seeing the need for an inclusive program that focuses on the all around player, Morgan and Lauren hope to LIFT the spirits, confidence, and field hockey skills of everyone who comes in contact with our program. The word LIFT to us exudes positivity and hope, while the compass and our tagline “the right direction” represent players’ growth in both mental and physical aspects of the game.

Why join us? 

Join us because you want to try something new...whether or not you’ve ever heard of field hockey. Join us because you want to and because you want to be a part of the LIFT team! Our passion & dedication will make your experience great.