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CROWDRISE : Jan 29, 2015
Tax ID: 61-1316665
BASED: Punta Gorda, FL, United States


Education in rural Haiti

Because education is an unaffordable luxury for many children in rural Haiti, they are trapped into a life of subsistence farming and extreme poverty. In 1996, LiFA was established as a grassroots, 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, to break the cycle of extreme poverty.

LiFA works to improve the lives of children in rural Haiti by providing for their education and health and well-being. Many rural Haitians are subsistence farmers, trapped in extreme poverty.  An elementary education offers hope to escape the cycle of extreme poverty.

The Problems in Rural Haitian Education:

80% of rural Haiti is illiterate
Overcrowded schools, many with a 65:1 student / teacher ratio
Tuition, books, and uniforms are unaffordable luxury for most families
Books and supplies must be shared among students
Teachers are ill paid, under qualified and uncommitted
Health care and clean drinking water are unavailable

The LiFA Solution is to sponsor rural schools by:

Paying and training teachers
Purchasing books, and supplies for each student
Providing clean drinking water and health care
Equipping safe classrooms, with limited class sizes
Initiating local fundraising projects to promote local financial autonomy
Training the school administrators with administrative and financial skills

Tax ID: 61-1316665 •


One meal a day for students

One meal a day for students

Amount Raised:



2% Raised of $10,000 Goal