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Light of Life Ministries


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Light of Life Ministries
Tax ID: 25-1056389
BASED: Pittsburgh, PA, United States


Light of Life

Light of Life Rescue Mission provides a home for the homeless, food for the hungry and hope for the hopeless in Pittsburgh, PA.


Light of Life is well-known for providing meals and shelter, but offering basic needs is only one aspect of a broader, multi-faceted mission. We aim to transform the lives of those we serve with faith-based counseling, education, and rehabilitation programming designed to provide essential life resources and empower people to become addiction-free, wage-earning citizens, caring parents, skilled employees and lifelong learners.We serve approximately 1,000 unduplicated people each year.


Light of Life provides comprehensive services to the poor and homeless which fall under two main areas: the Recovery Program and Samaritan Ministries. Our Recovery Program delivers a holistic approach to address the root causes of homelessness and poverty, combining housing with addiction recovery, education and career training, life skills, spiritual enrichment, and other vital services. Samaritan Ministries provide critical points of entry for indigent people seeking help for immediate needs including food, shelter and spiritual outreach.


Light of Life aims to help people to:

  • Stabilize their lives through access to basic needs
  • Build a foundation for living addiction-free lives
  • Have access to educational resources
  • Learn new skills to achieve career goals
  • Gain self-esteem, self-determination and essential life skills through group and individual counseling
  • Gain a sense of hope and purpose through Light of Life’s loving, supportive environment


By equipping those less fortunate with tools to overcome poverty and other adversities, Light of Life helps improve the quality of life for the next generation. With functional, caring parents, children have the chance to succeed in school and grow up as healthy, productive citizens. As a result, Pittsburgh communities can grow and prosper.

Tax ID: 25-1056389 •


Light of Life Rescue Mission Pittsburgh 2018

Light of Life Rescue Mission…

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48% Raised of $150,000 Goal

Bikes for Kids

Bikes for Kids

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50% Raised of $8,000 Goal

Maggie's Walk for the Homeless

Maggie's Walk for the H…

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56% Raised of $1,000 Goal

Light of Life Rescue Mission Pittsburgh 2017

Light of Life Rescue Mission…

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63% Raised of $150,000 Goal

Light of Life Rescue Mission Pittsburgh 2016

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110% Raised of $125,000 Goal


Tunch and Wolf's Walk for the Homeless

Tunch and Wolf's Walk for the Homel...




7% Raised of $125,000 Goal

Tunch & Wolf's Walk for the Homeless 2017

Tunch & Wolf's Walk for the Homeles...




102% Raised of $20,000 Goal