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CROWDRISE : Aug 27, 2013
Tax ID: 20-1572940
BASED: Fort Worth, TX, United States



Passion and Compassion

Light of Life International is the evangelistic and compassion ministry of Stephen and Alisa Evans. For nearly a decade, the message of salvation has been heard in front of castles, inside soccer stadiums, even on abandoned airfields. At the same time, our journey across Latin America has touched our hearts by providing food, footwear, and stuffed animals for children and families in need. We are in awe of the power and love of Jesus to save, heal, and transform lives.


We are passionate about the gospel of Jesus Christ. Evangelism, is at the heart of everything we do. Nothing is more important than people encountering Jesus! Why passion? It is His passion. It is His fire that burns within our spirits for Him. We feel very strongly at Light of Life International that we are fire starters, and we want the world and all the church to have that same fire too!


Compassion involves addressing the needs of the poor. From shoes, to food, and even stuffed animals for children, all of it shows God’s love. At LOLI we believe in loving people in a practical, tangible, physical way. It’s the very same compassion that the Lord shows each one of us! It touches the physical, impacts the spiritual in order to affect the heart of a person, a family, even a nation.




We may visit a city for a week, but we want it to be changed for eternity. We want God to come in and change nations, starting with each person we come in contact with. We’ve seen families healed from broken relationships, unity among pastors in a city restored, city-wide intercessory networks established, and the spiritual atmosphere of entire cities be changed. It’s our goal that the fire continue long after we leave!


When you come on a trip with Light of Life International, we want your life to be changed. We are believing for new gifts to be released, and new direction in your life. God has a beautiful destiny for everyone, and that includes you. We want to see your destiny released, to see that spark, and then to throw fuel on the fire. We are believing for you to grasp a bigger vision of who God is, and a bigger vision of what He can do in your life.

Tax ID: 20-1572940 •


Ice Cream - A Tangible Demonstration of Love

Ice Cream - A Tangible Demon…

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