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Light the World Foundation Light the World Foundation (LTWF) is a non-profit organization founded in November 2009 with a mission to educate, inspire and empower children in Haiti and provide youth in communities in the New York area with opportunities for personal and professional growth. As we invest in education, we also provide health and humanitarian aid in Haiti when the need arise.

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Our foundation is funded solely through public donations, sponsorships and fundraising events such as concerts, banquets, auctions and several other types of activities.

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Since our inception in November 2009, Light The World Foundation has disbursed over $60,000 to help victims of the January 2010 earthquake and to educate children in six schools, each in a different community in Haiti.  Some of the schools we are working with are in the capital while many others are in the countryside. To date, our efforts have helped educate approximately 370 children.  Our efforts have also allowed teachers to bring home a monthly income to help support their families. Many of those teachers had been volunteering for a long time without receiving any income while they also have families to feed.

We have also held several youth empowerment workshops and seminars in the New York area.



Many children in Haiti have been denied the right to an education simply because their parents cannot afford it and the government only funds 10% of Haiti’s elementary and secondary schools.  In addition, about 60% of the students in Haiti drop out before reaching the sixth grade. The main cause is that they cannot afford the school fees. Light The World Foundation’s greatest challenge in its efforts to educate and empower as many children and youth as possible is financial.  Despite the commitments made by several members of the community, more resources are needed to design and implement programs that will help the children and teenagers become valuable contributing citizens in their community.

I invite you to donate as little as $10 as a one-time donation or monthly pledge to help educate Haiti’s children and fund mentorship programs, workshops, seminars and provide scholarships to students in the New York Area.