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Power the World: Give Light to Haiti

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I have been to Haiti twice, and I've seen firsthand the lack of availabilty of electricity. When I heard about this cause, supported by Linkin Park (a band I really like) and Music For Relief (a cause I really like), I wanted to try to help out. The following info comes from the Power The World website, where you can also donate money to this cause.

1 lightbulb for $10. 100 light bulbs, $1000. That would be awesome!

The country of Haiti faces severe energy poverty. There are 34 million people in the Western Hemisphere who have no access to modern energy; 8 million of them are in Haiti. By helping Haiti, we can make a huge impact. Fewer than 25% of households in Haiti are connected to electricity grids. That means 75% of households are lit using kerosene lamps, wax candles and, to a much lesser extent, private diesel or gasoline generators. In addition, the average rural Haitian spends 6.5% of his or her annual income on kerosene and candles for home lighting. According to figures available from the US EPA's Energy Star program, the average American family spends just 0.5% of its annual income on electricity for home lighting.

For every $10 donated, Power The World will give one solar powered light bulb to a family in Haiti who doesn't have access to electricity. Our partner, Enèji Pwòp ("Clean Energy" in Haitian Creole), was created by EarthSpark International, a United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP) affiliate, to build supply chains and business practices to support smallscale clean energy entrepreneurs in Haiti. By supporting clean energy enterprises, you are ensuring that Haitians' access to clean energy products is sustainable over time. The solar light bulbs you donate are renewable energy tools that reduce health and fire risks associated with candles and kerosene. Your $10 donation will improve the quality of life for a family by lighting their home and enabling children to study, families to read, and all to feel safe and healthy.

Sharing this message is the most important thing you can do to help. Governments, large companies and nongovernmental organizations can make an enormous impact in solving this problem, and they are all influenced by public opinion. If you share Power the World with your friends, they share it with theirs, and it becomes an issue people are talking about, then governments and corporations will take notice. Think about it: before today, did you know that nearly 1 in 5 people on the planet lack the most basic access to electricity? Knowing there is a problem is the first step to a solution.

Music for Relief has pledged to help 1 million families gain access to sustainable energy throughout 2012. This will be achieved through multiple activities, including direct donations from supporters, support for energy enterprises such as Enèji Pwòp and energy entrepreneurs to ensure renewable energy tools are made available to families, and raising public awareness to leverage commitments of funding and resources to support energy access from governments and corporations.

1.3 Billion people do not have access to electricity.
This staggering fact ignited Linkin Park's interest in helping to find solutions. To that end, the band pledged to support UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon's Sustainable Energy for All initiative. Through Music for Relief, Linkin Park has pledged to Power the World: a commitment to help raise awareness about energy access, highlighting solutions and providing opportunities for people to get involved. Music for Relief is dedicated to disaster relief and protecting the environment; sustainable energy access is critical to both activities. Energy is necessary for effective humanitarian response, while it also empowers people living in disaster-prone areas, allowing them to receive warnings and be better prepared. 

Sustainable energy is critical to protecting the environment. Some 2.5 billion people - almost half of humanity - rely on pollutants like wood, charcoal, and dung for cooking and heating. In the developed world, we need to improve methods of generating the power we need and more efficient in how we consume it.



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