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Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center Tax ID 13-1825918


For over sixty years, Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center has met the needs of its community members in countless ways. Today, LSNC serves the Lincoln Square community through three programs: a daycare center for our pre-school age children, an afterschool program for our youth, and a comprehensive support program for our seniors.

LSNC programs are endlessly evolving to better suit the changing social, educational, recreational, and cultural needs of the individuals and families that rely on the center. The majority of our community members live in near proximity to LSNC – long-term residents of the Amsterdam Houses and Amsterdam Addition.

Lincoln Square Neighborhood Center was established as a part of the settlement house movement in 1949. Originating in the UK, but brought to the US by Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Jane Addams, the 19th century movement for social reform has left an indelible mark on New York City; large or small, the settlement houses of today dot our neighborhoods, uptown and downtown, east and west – all connected by the common thread of community service.