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Line for Life is a fishingline collection, and awareness program to help end the needless suffering of wildlife. We believe in creativity and public awareness, so our posts are illustrated with life and knowledge.

The notion is that by recycling fishineline, you could save a life. One string of littered fishingline can injure or kill an innocent animal… just one little piece. So by picking up that one piece of line, you could be preventing it from wrapping around an animal’s body. Like trading in line for a life.

Littered fishingline doesn’t just go to ‘the land of away’ and disappear. Not only does it not disappear, it takes over 600 years to break down in the environment—which means that your great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great grandchild could find an entangled bird with a piece of your fishingline on it.

Fishingline doesn’t stay where you put it either. It blows onto beaches, parks, and animal habitats. When this happens, animals (especially birds) can become entangled in the line. When an animal becomes entangled in fishingline they are almost always unable to free themselves. This causes many problems, which eventually can lead to their death. Fishingline can also makes its way into the ocean, where it becomes harmful to sea creatures who can become entangled, or may try to eat the line.

Birds who fly into the line, and become hooked, don’t just fly off and end up “ok” once a fisherperson cuts the line. Even birds who just walk into littered fishingline become entangled. You might tell yourself, “Oh, they can live with a little fishingline on them, they’ll be ok” –this is far from the truth.

They suffer. For a long time. The fishingline will cut into their skin, creating painful and deadly infections. The line could also cut so deeply that it can severe a foot from a birds body. If the line is tight, it will create bad blood circulation and the bird will develope gangrene. The line can become hooked onto a tree, or a rock, which will trap them, and eventually they will starve to death. For marine mammals, they can become unable to hunt and starve to death. The tragedies are endless.

The entire ordeal is painful, scary, and frustrating for the animal that is entangled. And it’s all needless and easily preventable.


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