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EVENT DATE: May 05, 2019

DEADLINE TO GIVE: Jun 06, 2019

On the first Sunday in May, 32,000 cyclists of all skill levels come from around the world to roll through every borough of New York City on streets totally free of cars. For one day, the roads are yours, the bridges are yours, the City is yours—there’s no better way to experience the Big Apple. 

$750.00 Fundraising Commitment to ride with LIPF as sponsoring charity in the TD Five Boro Bike Tour.


About the Life is Priceless Foundation: 

The LIPF supports both sufferers and caretakers who struggle or have struggled with major depression and suicide. The foundation was created by Timothy Price in October of 2011 after his brother David completed suicide. David was only 31 years of age when he took his life due to severe depression. While Timothy was active in David’s therapy, he realized that David’s particular conditions were difficult to treat clinically. Timothy understood that more could be done, and as a first step he asked that donations be made, to what would become LIPF. 


The LIPF believes that if we can even save one person’s life, then perhaps David’s sacrifice will provide some justification to his premature death. Monies raised by riders will be distributed in grants to 501(c)(3) organizations that provide services to treat depression and suicide prevention. 

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