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Lisa Joy Dinning tumor resection operation

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My ex wife is currently in a coma on life support in Darling Memorial Hospital as a result of a tumor that has grown to a size that it has threatened her life .

There is a long history about her early diagnosis, scans, misdiagnosis, numerous seizures and her deteriorating health .

I have been paying for her treatment for the last 5 years or so but as i'm in another country i have had a difficult time taking care of two households . I have been supporting her for those 5 years and not just for her medical care . As a side note, she is still in England and i'm in New York because we had a problem with immigration when we married back in 2006 . Once she fell ill i couldn't afford to re do the paperwork to get her and her two daughters over here .

The last time i saw her in person was back in late 2007, it's been arduous trying to take care of them, rent, medical care, food .

I made a promise to her that i would do all i can to help her through this illness and i think overall i have although i admit i have made some mistakes out of fear, panic and depression .

Even though we are no longer married , i still deeply love and adore her and my heart breaks at the thought she is in a coma now with the end seemingly close by .

She has already had numerous operations in the past ( one just recently that put her in the coma when she had bleeding on the brain ) .and i paid for all of them but i struggled to provide her with enough monies for the followup care and medication so it has been a long battle of seeming hope with shocking set backs .

This is a beautiful, caring woman who worked her entire adult life giving back to the community as a Midwife, bringing life into the world and now she, we need some help to gather enough monies for the latest operation the neurologist says will give her an excellence chance at recovery .

I have already sent about 1800 British pounds recently( almost 3000 Us ) that covered the first stage of the operation which was performed about 2 weeks ago and there is still a balance due of approximately 600 pounds ( 1000 US ).

The Nhs will not allow the neurologist to perform the follow up surgery unless the balance is paid in full so she now lies in a coma on life support .

I am reaching out because i want to give her a chance, i'm beside myself with grief and frustration at the thought of her passing away . I just think of how helpless she and how much life she still has left since she is only 45 years old .

My goal for this fundraiser is 3000 Us and it will pay for the operation in addition to the followup care which consists of anti cancer medication . Of course i will still be using my own money when i get paid again but for now i hope i can secure money for this operation before then because she genuinely does not have much more time and she may not be with us anymore in two weeks time .

If i reach my goal, i will do something of the community's choosing as voted on by then . It can be something silly ( walk around Times Square dressed up as a woman ), something serious ( will donate time to a worthy cause ) but it can't be something illegal or dangerous .

Think of something and i promise i will comply .

If there are any questions you may have, please ask, i will answer as truthfully and in an expeditious manner possible

Thank you for your time



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Joseph is working on selecting a charity so you can support Lisa Joy Dinning tumor resection operation.