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Lissette Irizarry

Lissette Irizarry
New York, NY United States
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There is a worldwide shortage of people with the qualifications needed by the companies gearing up to meet demand for an estimated 20,000 aircraft in the next 20 years.

How can the U.S. maintain its edge, or keep pace, when India and China graduate nearly 1 million engineering students annually, compared with 120,000 in the U.S.? "There is a global brain race, and the U.S. has been unilaterally disarming for years," But unless America better trains its workforce, builds infrastructure, and INVESTS in research and education, it cannot effectively compete with China, India and others.

While private corporations are increasingly sending engineering work outside the United States due to a shortage of qualified American workers and cheaper wages overseas, the military doesn't have that option, with most STEM jobs requiring security clearances available only to American citizens.

The STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) pool becomes smaller considering that nearly half of America's new graduates in STEM disciplines are foreign born, making them ineligible for security clearances.


-Because the top American Schools for Engineers, especially Aerospace Engineers are too expensive for the average parent or student to afford.  In many cases the student has to go "out of state" suffering the much higher tuition expense.  Ludicrous!! 

If a student has to go from one state to another- Aren't we still in the same country????  It's bad enough they now have to pay for expensive room and board.  But now- they also get little to no financial aid.  Everyone mentions scholarships.  OH YES- there are hundreds of scholarships out there but not for everyone.  There are not many Aerospace scolarships out there- and each one take forever to complete with many essays, referrals, deadlines, questions, transcripts etc.  It's ridiculous!  By the time you complete one- you have little time to complete the next one ...and thats if you can find it.

In addition- we all know this country has lost many homes, businesses and suffered greatly from the recession over the past few years and counting.  Many of us are trying to build back, regroup and regrow whatever we lost.  My family is one of them. Why - if we have proven ourself with great credit can we not get loans -when the grants, scholarships and aid is so scarce???

Our son is a Penn State Student.  He had to be pulled ot of his Florida high school due to uprooting our family to NY due to the recesssion.  Suffering a traumatic life altering move, losing all his friends, and starting a new high school at Junior year was extreme.  Yet he managed to struggle through it all in the name of his LOVE for Aerospace. Since age 12 he flew planes.  He dreams of ways to improve them, filled with ideas on how he can improve the military and the safety of Americans. He didnt attend prom or hang out with friends as other kids did in High School.  Instead, he studied and devoted all his time to getting in to his top Aerospace Engineering choices.  He opened a few acceptance letters and we all teared up as he made his decision.  Our son is going to have a "career!"  Something we dont have.  The recession took our business and we had to start over. The recession can NOT take someones career.  That stays with you everywhere and forever.

Once again, not knowing what real college life is about- our son David tutored at the Penn State library, studied, studied and studied some more.  Deans list.  Made great friendships with other engineering students and their amazing faculty.  Junior year is here!!!!  He's estatic!  Hes worked hard all summer doing concrete jobs with his dad and learning about hard work.  Meanwhile thinking how great it will be to finally be in the real classes for his major.  Quantum Physics, Calculus 3, Aerospace etc....  He's in Heaven!   

I got my tuition bill last week.  Hardly any financial aid.  Denied for all loans I applied for.  Cant find anyone in this economy willing to so-sign.  Tuition went up because he is now in his junior year.  I cried for days.  Having to tell my son - Uhm  :(   Im sorry but I dont think you will be able to go back because I got an astronomical bill and I cant find a way to pay for it.  Its devastation- an emotional roller coaster.  I have reached out to anyone and everyone.  I have written to corporations, influential people and friends to no avail. 

I ask anyone who wants to "make a difference," to please reach out and help us with anything at all.  I can only take one day at a time.  Even if I can get him through one more semester. 

My son and I hope to work together upon his graduation to make a site for American Kids to be sponsored for Engineering training programs to help kids from elementary school and forward to prepare them for entry into an engineering career.  There are so many to choose from that most dont know of such as:


  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Agricultural  
  • Biomedical
  • Architectural
  • Biomechanical engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil  Environmental Engineering
  • Computer Science Engineering
  • Electrical
  • Petroleum
  • Systems
  • Software
  • Nano Engineering
  • Industrial and Manufacturing
  • Mechanical
  • Nuclear Engineering


We are also going to help the future Engineers of America by using our son to help gather American wealth, big corporations, and Engineering industries to place all AMERICAN funds ON ONE WEBSITE..... making all funds accessible to a common application such as we are beginning to see with the college applications.  American educational grants and scholarships should be hidden.  We should all have access to them and streamline them so they are better distributed.

"We must all agree to help create a large talent pool for American Engineering Jobs and then we could go and fight for them,"




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