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CROWDRISE : Apr 02, 2011
Tax ID: 65-1200601
BASED: Oakland, CA, United States



Our Mission

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Listen for Life (LfL) is a global organization created for the preservation and advancement of musical culture by serving the needs of music, musicians and music listeners in every region of the world. Through a variety of outreach, education and media projects, LfL aims to create an international family of music listeners, in community with those who compose, teach, and perform all of the wonderfully diverse musical styles that can be heard on the planet.   It accomplishes this by:

  1. Creating and broadcasting more television programs that cater to more diverse musical genres;
  2. Encouraging, uniting  and inspiring both music teachers and music-organization leaders around the world;
  3. Making classical and other concerts more appealing to younger audiences, especially those raised with the fast paced MTV style;
  4. Establishing ways for musicians and music listeners to communicate with each other. Musicians often end up "working in a vacuum", not aware of who their audiences are - and this makes it more difficult to communicate warmth or intimacy on stage, which is part of the problem in inspiring, or bringing in, new audiences.

Tax ID: 65-1200601 •


Hawaiian Music Carnegie, Patrick Landeza

Hawaiian Music Carnegie, Pat…

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Carnegie Concert for Middle East Peace

Carnegie Concert for Middle …

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2% Raised of $10,000 Goal