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Literacy Access Fund

Their Future. Your Promise. Our Mission. Tax ID 81-3227808


Literacy Access Fund is a 501(c)(3), public charity, operating under EIN #81-3227808. We received our approved tax-exempt determination from the IRS in September 2016.


Our mission is to make literacy a possibility for every child, in every community.

Value Proposition

Through our efforts, we support early literacy for young learners and provide them with equal access to quality public library resources.

Literacy Access Fund was created to identify underfunded public libraries across the United States that want to acquire new or updated learning tools, but are unable to afford them. We have the unique ability to provide financial support to public libraries anywhere across the country where there is need. Young learners ages 2-12 need the best possible start in their education continuum, and the public library is a community hub for education and a vital extension of the classroom. Many low- and moderate-income communities rely on the public library to provide an important resource for its littlest members, with equal access to quality learning tools, regardless of economic factors.

In 2018, Literacy Access Fund has awarded six grants to public libraries in Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, and Illinois, to enhance their ability to serve young children. These libraries have purchased literacy and learning resources to help inspire and impact the leaders of tomorrow, today. We work collaboratively with both funders and libraries to make the connection and facilitate support for a valuable community asset, our public library system. In this technology-driven world, the public library has become less of a destination and more of a portal to discover cultural and worldly experiences for its young patrons, in ways that weren’t dreamed of years ago. Literacy Access Fund is making an impact to inspire a young learner’s ability to read, write, and succeed in school and in life.

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