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 Our mission is to implement community-based programs to advance individual development and learning for life. Our vision is that individuals and communities are provided enhanced literacy and learning opportunities to achieve their full potential and contribute to a better world.


Programs & Services

Parent-Child Building Blocks for The Future emphasizes the importance of proactive strategies in early childhood for parents and their children, to help prepare children to start school ready to learn and provides key life skills to help them thrive. This overarching initiative has 3 programs within it:

1. Optimizing The Early StagesA Child Development Literacy Programwill increase understanding, based on research, about conditions that nurture, protect and ensure the wellbeing of young children.

2.Nutrition & Learning: A Health Literacy Program will enable parents to make more informed decisions and lifestyle choices to improve their child’s physical health and learning ability by establishing healthy eating for life.

3.   Setting the Stage to Achieve Life Goals:  A Financial LiteracyProgramwillequip parent and caregivers to take control of their personal finances and break the cycle of living month-to-month or pay-check-to-pay-check.  This will help achieve positive outcomes especially for children in economically disadvantaged communities. 


Our approach is evidenced-based and validated by research that confirms interventions have the biggest impact in pre-school years and that the strongest influencers are parents and caregivers.

We intend to implement our initiative across the United States especially in economically disadvantaged communities, and in the country of Jamaica.

Our strategy is to bring our program to communities by partnering with local organizations such as daycare centers, pre-schools, as well as community and health centers.