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Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati

Literacy Network of Greater Cincinn...
CROWDRISE : Jun 15, 2012
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BASED: Cincinnati, OH, United States


Literacy Network of Greater ...

Literacy Network Mission

The mission of the Literacy Network of Greater Cincinnati is to champion the development of literacy in the individual, family, workplace, school and the community, by raising awareness, improving access and serving as a catalyst for literacy efforts.

A shocking 400,000 individuals lack basic literacy skills in the Greater Cincinnati area (Source: 2010 Census and the Ohio IDA). Our goal is to decrease that staggering statistic and make a difference in as many children and adults lives as possible, by getting individuals the resources and tools they need to learn to read and improve their futures.

In 2016, we received 2,286 calls on our literacy hotline and either helped individuals with our resources or directed them to providers in our network who could meet their needs. We also served 132 adults in 6 adult basic literacy classes. Our Winners Read program trained and placed a record 1,850 tutors in 36 schools across Greater Cincinnati and our Children's Basic Reading Program held 14 classes of children with severe reading deficiencies. In addition, our Winners Walk Tall program placed 176 character coaches in 40 schools and in the Boys and Girls Club of Cincinnati.

Sometimes numbers don't tell the whole story. We went to visit one of our children's classes in action at the beginning of the year. When the class began, the teacher instructed them to put their plastic alphabet letters in order in front of them. One boy was clearly struggling, with this seemingly easy task for a third-grader. You could see on his face he was embarrassed and eventually needed help to complete the task. It was difficult to watch him struggle; however, at the middle of the year we visited again. Not only was he able to put his alphabet in order quickly and correctly, he was sounding out letters accurately and putting words together. What a big change in such a short time! For this boy, the multi-sensory approach to learning helped him face his struggles and may have helped to change the course of his future educational success!

Tax ID: 31-6332564 •