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The mission of the Little Falls Watershed Alliance is to protect the fragile natural environment in lower Montgomery County and adjacent DC neighborhoods and to ensure that the natural spaces in our area persist for generations to come. Tax ID 26-2612775


Located in densely populated area of NW Washington DC and lower Montgomery County, Maryland, the 9 square mile Little Falls watershed is home to three creeks - the Little Falls Branch, the Willett Branch and the Minnehaha Branch. While most of the area is houses and business, the 160 acre Little Falls Stream Valley Park runs through the heart of the watershed as does the popular Capital Crescent bike trail.  We also have seven other small recreation areas.

The flowing waters, natural spaces, and wildlife make our neighborhoods beautiful.  However, the choices we make everyday impact their health and the sustainability of the creeks, the Potomac River and the Chesapeake Bay.

The Little Falls Watershed Alliance mission is to protect this fragile environment.   We run over 40 events each year, plenty of opportunities to do your part and help in our efforts to repair the water, restore the land, revive our woods and clean our parks. We invite you to join us in stewardship of our watershed.