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Helping a Little Girl Fight Her Rapist

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You wouldn't think that in a civilized society a convicted child rapist could pursue visitation with the siblings of his victim... But he can. We've fought to terminate his rights since he was convicted in 2010 but he has been allowed to pursue HIS right of 'every possible avenue' and drag our family through the legal system for almost five years from his current home at Dodge Correctional (WI).
I've done it alone; never asking for help or state assistance and without child support, believing that is it my responsibility to protect my family. Now, I'm asking the Village. He has exhausted me and my children as well as our resources. We've gotten this far; please help us finish.
'She' is 12 now and trying to move forward. She has a goal of assisting other small children who may be afraid to talk to adults about a similar situation. We are working with the domestic abuse shelter locally to get her into a position that she may. She wants to find a yoga studio that will donate time to abuse victims, young and old, as this was her and my way of feeling control over ourselves when he was allowed to continue to make us feel threatened. This is an amazing little girl who has healed and wants to take her broken past and use it to better someone else's future. But first, I need to finish the fight that will keep him from laying hands on her little sister (6) and brother (9).
We are in dependency court and have confronted a new breed of lawyer (paid for by his mother). My attorney insists I find someone with more experience in this type of battle and this is where I am stuck. I have tried the pro-bono route, but being that the opposing counsel is fierce, it's not a case anyone wants to take for small fees due to intensive time expectations.
He is trying to get contact with my children and ultimately, get them flown to WI, where he resides in a prison where the 'most profound sex offenders are housed'. I have to prove before a court that because he hurt one daughter, it is likely he will hurt the other. In order to do that, I need evidence from his trial admitted into court.  There is physical evidence from my daughter, testimony and uncountable images of child pornography that were found on his computer.  My daughter is willing to get on the stand again and go through the pains of testifying again to protect her siblings, but this is a path of last resort for obvious reasons.  This is a complicated case that requires the attention of a lawyer.

If you feel the need the check facts before donating, please follow the link to his conviction. He raped her repeatedly from the time she was very young (3?) to when I left him (when she was 8).  He kept her quiet by threatening to 'hurt' me and to go get her baby sister.  This is a monster who should never be allowed to give this little girl more nightmares.  He should never be allowed to be near children.  His mother, despite seeing him admit to everything in the plea bargain process, seems to be in denial of his crimes and finances his custody fights.

I apologize, but the termination case is sealed due to the minors involved... Which is the better, as I'd rather not reveal my daughter's name for obvious reasons.  I am willing to answer individual quesitons as they arise.;jsessionid=B6C17EB2715D614765921DEBAF258ED2.render6?caseNo=2010CF000023&countyNo=31&cacheId=B11D4BA56508C9725031DCD17FD58C3C&recordCount=3&offset=2&mode=details&submit=View+Case+Details



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