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Combining Eastern and Western Philosophies for a Holistic View on Helping Families Coping with Child Loss, Sensitive Children, and Childhood Sex Abuse

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The Little Light Project is dedicated to helping families by being a voice for the kids.

WE HELP.....

1. Children who are highly sensitive/highly intuitive. Many highly sensitive children are diagnosed with "disorders" but there is little currently available for parents to help determine if their child is highly sensitive/intuitive or truly dealing with a medical/psychiatric disorder. We are working with both psychiatric medical professionals as well as experts in helping children who are highly sensitive in order to be a place of support and education. Those of us at The Little Light Project have all been children who are highly sensitive/intuitive and we know the confusion and fear that comes with these heightened sensitivities. Several of us are also parents of highly sensitive children and we’ve come to learn that teaching our youth how to control and harness intuitive gifts is as important as teaching them to read and write. We are committed to helping children and their parents understand that intuition is a gift and that they are always in control of what they see, hear and feel intuitively.

2.  Kids in Spirit and Their Families. We are dedicated to helping people understand that we are spiritual beings experiencing life through our physical bodies; therefore, physical death is not a true end but a transition to another spiritual plane. With this knowledge, parents who have suffered the death of their child can begin to understand that their loved ones truly live on and are always around them in spirit, helping and guiding them. The Little Light Project strives to help parents whose children have passed on cope with the ups and downs of grief through free holistic services that honor the mind,
body, and soul connection.

3.  Children and grown children who survived child sex abuse.  One in four girls and one is six boys will experience sexual abuse before turning eighteen.  This statistic doesn't even account for all of the unreported cases and cases where abuse occurred as a child but isn't recognized by the conscious mind until the survivor is an adult.  It's an epidemic of global proportions and we are here to help survivors learn to heal, release and move forward from the devastating affects of child sexual abuse. We do so by not only honoring traditional western medical practices such as counseling and therapy but also more spiritual practices such as incorporating intuitive readings, tools to develop intuitive senses such as meditation, and alternative therapies such as hypnotherapy.  We are shining a light on a taboo subject because silence does nothing but perpetuate this growing cycle of abuse.  Many Little Light Project volunteers and board members are survivors of sexual abuse and understand first hand the devastating affects it has on our lives and the light within us.