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What Little Mews Rescue does...


Little Mews Rescue, Inc. is a no-kill animal rescue organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation and careful rehoming of unwanted, neglected, abused, and abandoned cats and kittens.  Our main goal is to find safe, healthy, forever homes for cats and to promote spay/neuter so that the number of unwanted cats is lowered every year.

 We bring the rescued cats and kittens to a veterinarian for treatment of disease or injury as well as for preventative medical care. We socialize cats in foster homes so that the cats are well adapted to a home environment. We provide basic training to help correct bad behaviors so that the cats and kittens are more adoptable.

 We provide the adopter with information regarding the lifelong care of cats. Little Mews Rescue offers the adopter continued assistance as long as the cat remains with its adoptive family. We encourage the return of an adopted cat in the event that an adoptive family can no longer provide care for the cat.

 Little Mews promotes the spaying and neutering of animals to reduce overpopulation and educates the public about the health benefits of spay/neuter surgery. We provide information and assist with low cost spay/neuter when needed.

 We trap feral cats and kittens, take them to a veterinarian to be spayed or neutered, given vaccinations, and then return them to their original caretakers, or relocate them to farms.

 We assist individuals in our community with caring for their cats in their own home. We provide cat food or temporary foster care to those who cannot afford to provide for their cats and might otherwise have to give up their cats. We provide information about proper kitten and cat care. When appropriate, we refer individuals to other animal welfare organizations.

Little Mews Rescue, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501(c)3 organization. None of Little Mews Rescue officers, directors or volunteers receives a salary or compensation in any manner whatsoever.